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BodyMind Performance Webinar with Jeff Agostinelli on Easing Into Change With Grace

You CAN experience change with grace, ease and success! Creating change in any area of your life can often seem like a daunting task. With all the different approaches, techniques, and modalities, how do you know what’s right for you. Jeff Agostinelli is a life strategist with 10 plus years experience working with people to help them take control of their life, business, and health.

Ripe Bananas!

When does a banana, or any other fruit for that matter, become ripe enough to eat? And at what point do they become over-ripe: too ripe to eat? I ask because both my partner and I have witnessed what to us is a huge waste: fruit that to us is still perfectly edible, but which other people are throwing away! Bananas are the case in point.

Are You Ready . . .

Are you ready . . . for the next phase of your life’s journey? Do you want to make a difference? With so much chaos and uncertainty in the world these days, the best thing any of us can do is become part of the solution (to a better world) rather than part of the problem. One excellent first step is to take up Usui Reiki. Whilst often considered ‘another therapy’ it is actually a wonderful approach to personal growth and spiritual development. With Reiki training you’re reminded how to connect to an inner truth and a deeper peace, both within ourselves and the world around.

ALL You Need!

Whilst Nutrition has always been at the heart of BMI, we offer courses in much more besides: what and how we think, for example, is just as important as what we eat! ALL You Need gives you a taste for how our on-line training can help you in many other areas of your life. It includes no less than a magnificent 7 Accelerated Learning Lectures.

Find Your What

It is such a short time that we each have to be alive to make a difference and feel fulfilled. What do you want to do with your Life? What is your what? I believe you can find, know and live your what. Just follow your gut. Because it’s only in listening to and following your inner knowing that you find your what.


Do you text while driving? Even though too many people still do, I hope in your heart you can answer no. I think enough awareness has been created to know that as drivers, it is so important that we put 100% of our attention and focus on the road. But what about when you’re eating? Do you text while at the table? Perhaps catching up on Instagram over lunch or mid-bite you’re reaching for the phone seconds after that *ding*? Or maybe you’re not texting but you are distracted in other ways… What has your attention?

Interview With Kim Serafini – The BodyMind Performance MindPT Program

Personal Development Expert Kim Serafini Reveals…  “How To Prime Your Mind For Success!” Revealed: How your mind and subconscious … and your emotions, results and DNA respond to images!Have you repeated affirmations 1000’s of times and gotten nowhere? You’re not alone! The fact is that your subconscious takes in millions of bits of data every […]

The 10 Things That Each Made Me 10% Happier

It seems like everywhere we look someone is telling us how to be happier. Commercials telling us what we need to buy to be happier. Store windows showing us the look of happier. Memberships to buy happiness long term. So how does this manifest? Being told over and over what we need to be happy, ultimately makes us question what we already have. It’s like that dangling carrot we can never quite reach. So how do we actually be happier?

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