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Nov 25

You Really Are What You Eat!!

By Dr. Terry Willard | Nutrition

A new study suggests that the connection between your food’s biochemistry and your own may be more intimate than we thought. It seems that tiny RNAs usually found in plants can be found circulating in blood, and animal studies indicate that they are directly manipulating the expression of genes. Is this genetics or Epigenetics?

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Nov 08

Checking and Storing Raw Food for Optimal Freshness

By Elaina Love | Nutrition

In my classes, I get asked a lot about the best way to store expensive raw food ingredients for the best and longest shelf life. Here are some of the answers I give:
Nuts, Seeds and Grains are best stored for between 3 months to one year in a glass jar in a cupboard or pantry. They stay even fresher stored in the refrigerator for up to a year or in the freezer even longer. The question becomes, how do you know how fresh they actually are and were they fresh when you bought them? If you buy your fresh nuts and seeds from a reputable source that has a high turn over such as Whole Foods, chances are pretty good that they are constantly refilling their bins and shelves with fresh ingredients. You can be sure you are getting something fresh there.

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Nov 20

What Is A Keto Vegan/Plant-Based Diet?

By Elaina Love | Nutrition , Nutrition Tips

What Is Ketosis? Definition: “Ketogenesis” means “generating ketones,” which your body does naturally to generate energy from fat when carbohydrate sources are sufficiently low (e.g., after intense exercise, long periods of fasting, etc.). “Ketogenic diets” are thus a way of switching your body over into a fat-burning state. The Ketogenic or KETO diet is gaining popularity. Many people wonder if it is possible to adopt a Keto Vegan Plant-Based Diet. I’m here to tell you YES! It is!

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Sep 25

Easy Upgrades – How to Make Superfood Granola (Video)

By Malcolm Saunders | Nutrition , Recipes

Learn how to make your own Superfood Granola with the potential for many inspired of variations. You can use whatever nut, seed, dried fruit, sweetener, spice, and oil you desire and have on hand for the base. Then when it comes to adding in superfoods and herbs you can really get creative! This is an easy and delicious recipe to be made as simple or complex as you are inspired. Great for breakfasts, snacks, and whenever you’re feeling it!

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