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Lifting Shame

Lifting Shame Memory Exercise Michele-Paiva

In this video, I offer explanations with connections to a common “theory” (The Mandala Effect), and how shame, ideas, memory, and body- and self-image can be so completely related and integrated. I have a quick and simple exercise that you can practice along with me. You will feel the release, plus understand how it will alter your world view and lift shame for you.

8 Tips for Holiday Mindfulness

8 tips holiday mindfulness Melanie-Taylor

So often when planning for the holiday season we can get stressed. Whether dealing with family dynamics, planning to navigate holiday parties, or fitting in family time in busy holiday schedules. So I have put together a list of mindfulness tips to help reduce stress and bring a calming peace to your holiday season.

How to Let Go? Learning to Surrender Differently

learn surrender how let go Ieva-Nalini

You were born in the age of Ignorance – the more you know, the more anxious you become, the more you try, the more energy you lose. Sounds familiar? This is what most of people’s lives looks like. You believe that getting more knowledge and putting more effort is the only way to reach something in your life. But is it really true? Haven’t you ever noticed that when you give up trying so hard, things starts to flow? When you give up a desire, it finally manifests in your life? Well this is what the so-called Golden age is about.

Kirtan Kriya – The Art & Science to Heal Mind, Body & Spirit

Kirtan-Kriya HarJiwan

Kirtan Kriya is given for everything from breaking negative mental patterns that hold us back from achieving our dreams to establishing emotional balance, heightening intuition & increasing radiance. It also will help to release deeply held impressions from past negative sexual encounters, cleanses the aura, arc line & psyche. It reestablishes your aura as your own, gifting you with clarity, joy & vibrance. In fact, this meditation is considered the highest meditation for a woman in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and was one of the first meditations that Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga taught.

8 Ways to Break from Self-Sabotage and Succeed

self-sabotage Michele-Paiva

Self-sabotage is inherently like an affair. An affair essentially means, lack of faith. The term itself might conjure up feelings you have experienced in your own life, that you may or may not feel lingering pain, or it might be indirectly at minimum, creating feelings of distrust, fear, disgust or cathartic sadness.
Affairs break down trust of the people around us, and even in ourselves, even if we were the one cheated on. We begin to lose self-esteem, and go through a gamut of emotions while feeling in some way, confused.
We might as “Was I not good enough?” or “But I did everything right!”.

BodyMind Performance Webinar with Jeff Agostinelli on Easing Into Change With Grace

Jeff-Agostinell BodyMind Performance-Interview Easing-Into-Change

You CAN experience change with grace, ease and success! Creating change in any area of your life can often seem like a daunting task. With all the different approaches, techniques, and modalities, how do you know what’s right for you. Jeff Agostinelli is a life strategist with 10 plus years experience working with people to help them take control of their life, business, and health.

The One Spirit of Brexit

one-spirit-brexit Keith-Beasley

How can we best stay positive and hopeful during the next 2 years (and perhaps longer) during the Brexit process? How can we all, each and every one of us, play our part in smoothing the process and bringing about the best result for everyone: Brits and fellow Europeans alike?

Because isn’t that part of the reason the vote for Brexit went the way it did: that so many individuals felt excluded from the EU and related political and bureaucratic decisions and benefits? If we want a better, stronger Britain as a result, such factors have to be taken into account!

The 10 Things That Each Made Me 10% Happier

negative_emotions melanie_taylor

It seems like everywhere we look someone is telling us how to be happier. Commercials telling us what we need to buy to be happier. Store windows showing us the look of happier. Memberships to buy happiness long term. So how does this manifest? Being told over and over what we need to be happy, ultimately makes us question what we already have. It’s like that dangling carrot we can never quite reach. So how do we actually be happier?

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