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Nov 29

UEXL MasterMind Club Membership

By BodyMind Institute | Blog

UEXL MasterMind Mentorship The UEXL MasterMind Club MembershipA Professional & Personal Development Mentorship Community”We’re thrilled to offer you this exclusive membership where you can join students in the BodyMind Institute in learning, sharing, creating  and being mentored to create healthy, vibrant and successful lives and careers.”Lars Rain Gustafsson, Founder: BodyMind Institute $99/mo Buy Now 30-Day […]

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Nov 21

Healthy and Natural Scrubs

By Robyn Holder | Blog

Men, don’t stop reading! Your bodies take a beating from cold weather, sunny winter days, environmental toxins and stress, just like we women. One of the best things you can do is take care of your largest organ – your skin!

Have leftover pumpkin from Thanksgiving? Use it! Try the following recipes in your next shower, and your skin will thank you:

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Nov 13

Calling All Bloggers!

By BodyMind Newsletter | Blog

Hello, BodyMind Institute Students, Graduates, and Fellow Health and Wellness Explorers! Here at the BodyMind Institute we are excited to bring you engaging content through our Blogsphere that supports our messages of health, wellness, and well-being found throughout our courses.

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Mar 12

Things You Should Know about Braces

By Nadine Artemis | Blog

Getting braces is considered a rite of passage for today’s teenagers. If you were like most North American teens, around age 12 you were marched into an orthodontist’s office, and after a few hours of fitting, gluing and tapping you walked out with a mouth full of metal brackets, braces, wires and bands to straighten your teeth. Perhaps even a few of your permanent teeth were removed beforehand in order to make enough room in your mouth for evenly spaced teeth.

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Feb 27

BodyMind Performance Webinar with Dr Anna Esparham on Integrative Medicine

By bodymind | Blog

As a passionate educator, Dr Espahram uses all of the models of ancient to modern medicine and nutrition to guide her patients to simple steps that lead to a wholistic living approach. In this webinar Dr. Esparham takes us down the most important tracks which will open up a new vision for taking action in your own life, and in the lives you are taking care of (as parents), and guiding (as trainers, coaches and wellness care professionals).

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Jun 26

Peek Inside the Kitchen of 24 Raw Fooders

By Elaina Love | Blog

How would you like to visit my home and the homes of 23 other busy people who thrive on raw foods, peek inside our private kitchens, and “spy” on us as we prepare meals for an entire week? This collection will give you hundreds of brand new ideas to thrill your taste buds and shake up your menu plan. You’ll never again settle for the same boring meals, or wonder what to eat. And it’s yours risk free for three full months.

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