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BodyMind Institute Student Spotlight
With: Debey Hancock

"I lost 100lbs without any effort! It's all about the simple shifts into a new lifestyle!"

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Debey Hancock's story:
I started this journey as a way to help my daughter heal from cancer. I knew the body could heal itself it it had the right tools. What I did not know was the life changing effect it would have on me personally.

When I started on the path towards healing with Jessica, I was overweight and under nourished. I was sick and tired all the time. At age 42, I had the bone density of a 90 year old woman. I even tripped off a single step from my house to the ground and broke all the bones in my ankle! Spending the following 9 months in a wheelchair added 50 pounds to my already overweight frame. Walking was a chore and I always seemed to wheeze.

My goal was not to lose weight per se but, in my quest to heal Jessica, I was learning about mindfulness and about eating real foods that nourish your body instead of weighing it down. Through making small shifts in my lifestyle, my extra weight fell off naturally without giving up a single thing or undertaking a crazy exercise regimen. I learned that the secret to optimal weight loss is not just about about eating less and exercising more, it's about giving the body the tools it needs to thrive: Real food, clean water, clean air, sunshine, relaxation/meditation, movement and laughter. Since I started this way of living, I have lost over 100 pounds and 10 dress sizes.

At 50 I am in the best shape of my life and have completely recovered my bone density. In fact, my bones are stronger than they have ever been. I dance & figure skate and race skaters more than half my age each week. I now walk 2 miles every morning in the early sunshine. I am passionate about teaching others to drink more water, eat real food, laugh more, relax & release life's stress and to get plenty of sunshine and movement. Those are the secrets to a healthy life!

Recipe for: Simple Kombucha

Prepare one gallon organic black tea with:
1 4 family sized tea bags.
4 quarts water
1 cup organic real sugar

Let cool to room temp.
Pour into gallon sized Glass jar.
Add SCOBY and cover with a coffee filter and rubber band.
Let sit for 5-7 days

Note: It is important to use real sugar. Other sweeteners such as honey or stevia will interfere with the fermentation process.

During the fermentation the sugar and caffeine are absorbed and turned into the good gut bacteria and enzymes the body needs for healthy digestion and Improved immunity. No residual sugar makes it great for diabetics and those who are looking to limit their sugar intake.

Flavouring Your Kombucha

In a Vita-mix or,NutriBullet or other juice blender, add:
1 cup fruit of your choice
2 tablespoons sugar

Liquify and strain through a cheesecloth and add to your kombucha.

Let stand 2 more days, place in bottles, and refrigerate.


Debey Hancock is a Functional Nutritionist specializing in whole person wellness. She utilizes her unique blend of mind body nutrition, meditation, relaxation, breath work, nutritional healing and emotional freedom technique to facilitate the journey out of chronic and acute illnesses. Debey believes that each person, when given the proper tools, can go beyond healing to truly thrive. She is a graduate of the BodyMind Institute.

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