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Calling All Bloggers!

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Nov 13

Hello, BodyMind Institute Students, Graduates, and Fellow Health and Wellness Explorers!

Here at the BodyMind Institute we are excited to bring you engaging content through our Blogsphere that supports our messages of health, wellness, and well-being found throughout our courses.

Our goal in the BMI Blogsphere is to bring you enlightening stories, uplifting ideas, researched information, and recipes that are as delicious as they are easy – making it deliciously easy for you to incorporate new strategies for a healthy lifestyle into your daily life.

This is an amazing time to be in this field, and we want everyone to benefit from expanding our message.  We see this request for blogs and recipes as a way to bring the important message of health and life performance to as many people as possible.  By linking our efforts, we hope to expand our reach.

We want to hear your voice, too, as we continue the on-going conversation.

Let your story be told in our space!

While we want to encourage everyone to participate, we do have goals and guidelines for you to keep in mind as you write a piece for BMI.

Our Goal

The main goal of the BodyMind Institute's Blog site is to find people who want to share their stories and knowledge with a fully positive and uplifting energy, one that will resonate with our readers.  Ultimately, we want to connect with like-minded professionals to bring our readers a nourishing, educational experience, and to provide exposure for health bloggers and wellness coaches.

Your article should inspire our readers in their pursuit of optimal health and wellness, and to provide actionable information through articles, videos, or recipes.

The article remains your own, having given us permission to re-post the blog to our website and to our Facebook page and Instagram feed.  There is no set length, though articles longer than 1500-2000 words have a greater challenge to remain engaging throughout.  Recipes must be unique and your own creation.  Please include a picture of the final product and, if possible, pictures of the recipe process.

Our Process

When we re-post your blogs, we include your name at the top of the page as a guest blogger and have your Bio at the bottom of the page, including a link to your website and any contact information you want publicized, as well as a picture of you.  We will request these when we approve your blog submission. 

Should we post your recipe or video to Instagram, we will include your pertinent information (name, website, recipe details, etc.) in the comments below the image.

Also, we use Feature Images at the top of each blog.  If you have your own images, we can use those, or we will find a free image or graphic that reflects the piece.  Images you send will need appropriate copyright information and may be altered to fit specific size parameters for our Feature Images (720x405 pixels).

We ask permission to make small proofreading or editing changes (for readability, typos, spacing, etc.).  For example, sometimes paragraphs appear too long on the page / screen and need to be broken up—a new paragraph or added image—to bring visual relief for the reader.  For SEO purposes, we may alter the title or add keywords to the introduction / headings to encourage greater visibility for your blog.

Any blogs that appear on the BMI blog site will also be posted to our Facebook page.

What To Do

1. Please write engaging articles with substance.  This goes two ways!

Many people can research information and offer a cut-and-dry research article intended just to inform or educate.  We also want to inspire!  Extend facts into a compelling call to action; inspire people to act or think in a way that improves themselves or others.

 At the same time, many writers have a natural ear that allows for a basic fact-sheet of information to sound lovely.  And it is quite easy to have fluff without substance.  We are looking for blogs that have depth (examples, stories, ideas, suggestions) and inspire action or positive emotion.

2. Cite researched information!

Any article that uses "facts" as a basis for argument should be cited because we can't take for granted that most of our "facts" are common knowledge (please cite primary sources, e.g., not Wikipedia). Just because something can be researched on Google doesn't make it accepted or widely known.

3. Please practice good grammar and punctuation!

We understand the use of grammar and punctuation for rhetorical purposes—like a sentence fragment to emphasize a point—but these should be balanced by well-written text.  A writer should at least be rhetorical not haphazard with words and punctuation.

We do have a list of Don’ts:

  1. Nothing negative please!  If you write from the standpoint of love and caring, you will not berate or pontificate.
  2. Please do not submit articles if the primary purpose of your website is to sell a product.  We cannot accept these submissions, as we cannot appear to endorse your products.
  3. We want to reach a broad, general audience, so articles written for small, niche markets cannot be accepted at this time.

Contact us at about adding your story to our conversation!

With Love and Gratitude,

Your BodyMind Institute Blog Team

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