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Jeffrey Goodman

Jeffrey Goodman

~ A CareerHearted Instructor and “Business Whisperer"

Jeffrey has a unique ability to communicate business success in ways you can easily understand and immediately apply to your daily life.

Meet Jeffrey Goodman–whose compassionate guidance has helped thousands of people discover their own powerful abilities to achieve greater self-awareness.

In 2003, Jeffrey transitioned his focus from a successful advertising photographer to helping people achieve their personal growth, wellness and personal healing goals. Shortly into his new career focus, a myriad of health and wellness practitioners had already heard about Jeffrey’s immediate successes. Within three months of founding his wellness practice, Jeffrey quickly established a long waiting list of clients.

As a business consultant, Jeffrey’s work is a diverse history of wisdom-gathering and skill-building. Jeffrey is also a Transcendental Mediation Practitioner, Shamanic Touch™ Master Teacher and BodyTalk™ Facilitator and Instructor. Many of his business clients refer to Jeffrey as “The Secret Weapon or “The Business Whisperer” because he can intuitively see dynamics and energies which would positively or negatively effect various business situations. He is able to assist clients in nipping problems in the bud before they develop, or offer unique forward strategies from a business savvy eagle’s eye view.

It is often the most successful professionals who first recognizing their own gaps of business education and knowledge, and practitioners seek Jeffrey’s insights on how to start and run a successful healthcare practice. Jeffrey offers his guidance to professional healthcare practitioners, wellness coaches, massage therapists, doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and energy workers.

Without doubt, Jeffrey deeply understands the ecosystem of the health and wellness industries. He strives to meet the real needs of practitioners trying to run their own businesses, and is aware of the needs for protecting the heart and mind!

Passionate in the realms of personal growth, business consulting and energy medicine, Jeffrey sees opportunity in providing support to industries which are seemingly in desperate need of open-hearted business education.

Drawing on his first hand experiences starting his own healthcare practice and years of advising and consulting, Jeffrey combines his powerful intuitive healing abilities and wisdom of business development. Now, bringing it all together in the form of the CareerHearted Courses, Online Training, e-Books and Consulting Programs, Jeffrey is becoming a major catalyst for positive change in the way we each “do business” on Earth.

Jeffrey Goodman's "CareerHearted Essentials" Course Here At The BodyMind Institute

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