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Listen To Your Body!

By Dr. Keith Beasley | Videos

Mar 15
By Dr. Keith Beasley, Faculty Member here at the BodyMind Institute
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Here at the BodyMind Institute we recognize that our minds and our bodies are far from separate . . . and when it comes to nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, our bodies have much to tell us! But how do we listen to it?

It’s all to do with side-stepping the rational mind with its theories and beliefs, and rising above our emotional mind, which all too often reacts through fear. Tuning into our bodies requires connecting into a deep part of us: that bit that really knows what we need . . . at all levels!

Of course there are numerous ways of enabling this inner connection and ‘tuning in’: any form of mindfulness or meditation has the potential to help. But one approach being used increasingly, because it’s so simple and natural, is Reiki, or ‘The Usui System of Natural healing’ to give it its full title. Often seen alongside reflexology and massage in a holistic therapy center, the real beauty of Reiki is that it’s something we can learn (on-line) to do on, to and for ourselves . . . whenever we need to!

In this video blog I share a few more examples of how taking up Reiki offers many benefits to nutritionists, both professionally and personally.

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About the Author

~ PhD CEng FIQA FHEA PGCertHE Reiki Master Dr. Keith Beasley, PhD has a rare background that makes him uniquely placed as a Faculty Member with the BodyMind Institute. Following 17 years as a Quality and Reliability expert working on state-of the art electronics, he retrained as a Reiki Master/Teacher, eventually running retreats in the mountains of the Algarve in Portugal. More recently he has completed his PhD from Bangor University in North Wales (UK) on ‘Transcending Thought’. These studies confirmed what his engineering and holistic health phases had indicated: that there is far more to ‘knowing’ than we can get from conventional learning.


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