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Get your abundance flowing!

Lawrence Ellyard

How To INCREASE Your Income As A Wellness Coach And Provider

Your Speakers:

Host: Lars Rain Gustafsson
Founder: UEXL & BodyMind Institute


Guest: Lawrence Ellyard
Founder: IICT

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FREE Bonus At The End Of This MasterClass: "201 Marketing Secrets to Grow  Your Natural Therapy Business"

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What You Will Learn On This Free Masterclass:

Simple Strategies For Marketing

Marketing the 'normal' way through flyers, business cards and plain websites is the thing of the past.  Learn the time-proven strategies that will get your abundance flowing!

Simple Ways To Boost Buyers

Selling .. or 'sales' has been a pain point for all healthcare providers.  What if you didn't need to 'sell' ever again?  Learn the secret insider strategies to boost conversions without selling!

#1 Strategy For Limitless Clients!

Wouldn't it be incredible to turn on a tap to have clients flowing in all the time?  There IS a way to do this, and it's easier than you ever imagined! 


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