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Maximizing Your Productivity By Honoring Your Values

By Dr. Joe Rubino | Business

Jul 26

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Being productive is a natural state that comes from people doing what they enjoy and honoring their most important values. Productivity and having fun are closely related. When we honor our values, life works.

The corollary is most often true as well. When people are not having fun, they are not honoring their values and their productivity decreases. By following your passions, you maximize your most productive state of mind.

Doing what you love is the best way to live your core values. Developing clarity on exactly which values must be honored for your life to work optimally will result in maximizing your personal power.

Values make up the core of who we are. When we live our lives in sync with our values, we function at our highest level. When we fail to honor these essential values, we become angry, and our communication shuts down.

Some examples of values are:

  • Adventure 
  • Creativity 
  • Recognition 
  • Security 
  • Belonging 
  • Excitement
  • Peace
  • Intimacy
  • Love 
  • Spirituality
  • Freedom
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Communication
  • Integrity
  • Power 
  • Safety  
  • And many more.

Your values will continually evolve as you do. When you focus on living from your values, they become honored and satisfied. This allows you to then shift your focus to other evolving values. The key to a life that is satisfying and productive is to identify your key values and make sure they are being honored. Until your life and values are in alignment, life will look like an uphill struggle.

When your core values are honored, you step into your power to function at your highest level. The better you understand what values are most important to others, the better you will be able to work powerfully with them.

Honoring Your Values and Living In Harmony With Your Life Rules:

  • List at least 4 of your most important values.
  • Which are being fully honored and which are not?
  • How has not honoring these values affected your happiness and productivity?
  • What specific actions will you take to honor any that are not respected now
  • By when will you take them?

About the author:

Dr. Joe Rubino is an internationally acclaimed personal development trainer, life-changing success and life-optimization coach, and best-selling author of 12 books available worldwide in 23 languages.

He is the CEO of The Center for Personal Reinvention, an organization that has impacted the lives of more than 2 million people through personal and leadership development programs, providing participants with tools to maximize their happiness, self-esteem, communication skills, productivity, and personal effectiveness.

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By Dr. Joe Rubino, Faculty Member here at the BodyMind Institute


About the Author

Dr. Rubino is acknowledged as one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic of elevating self-esteem. He is a life-changing personal development and success coach on how to restore self-esteem, achieve business success, maximize joy and fulfillment in life and sky-rocket productivity. He is known for his groundbreaking work in personal and leadership development, building effective teams, enhancing listening and communication skills, life and business coaching and optimal life planning. His company certifies teachers in life optimization coaching, self-esteem elevation coaching for children and adults, relationship skills coaching, self-confidence coaching, business coaching and abundance coaching. He is acknowledged for his personal mentoring program that Success Magazine featured him on their cover for which was entitled “We Create Millionaires.”