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As a coach, healer, teacher and writer, Richard inspires, guides and empowers people to create their ultimate life success and fulfillment. For over 15 years, Richard has worked internationally with thousands of people to change their lives, to get ‘unstuck’ and to finally live their dreams.

Most people spend their lifetime just struggling to make ends meet and never achieve true happiness and fulfillment. Caught on a treadmill of “doing things” to be successful they are unaware of what is really driving their behaviors and their success – beliefs held in their powerful subconscious mind!

Richard is an expert in changing limiting subconscious beliefs and emotions to align with your conscious goals and dreams. When limiting beliefs and emotions are changed, there is little that can hold you back. With the techniques and tools that Richard has mastered over the years, people go from limitation to freedom in just minutes!


“The idea of transformation is most often symbolized by the butterfly which takes a completely different form, “trans-forms”, from one part of its life to the next.”

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Richard created WisdomWays to share some of the tools, processes and wisdom that he discovered along his path and to support you in your own life journey.

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Course: Refresh Your Beliefs to Refresh Your Life!

In this course you will learn the Refreshing Beliefs Method – a powerful, proven system that enables you to take charge of your life by reprogramming your subconscious mind with new empowering beliefs and engaging emotions.

You will learn how to effectively communicate with your subconscious mind as the friend that it really is and then optimize its programming to support you in easily achieving your goals! Even more, you will learn how to engage the infinite power and wisdom of your “Super-conscious mind” to accelerate the path of your soul! It’s fast, easy, fun, safe and life changing!

BodyMind Institute was founded to collect the information of many generations of holistic wellness and expertise. Our goal is to help you–personally and professionally–to achieve a level of awareness and understanding that can only come through experience and many years of intense scientific and life studies. We are so happy to share our knowledge with you! And we aim to forever attract the internet’s brightest and most helpful holistic superstars!

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