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The Power of Juicing

By Lauren Manning | Nutrition Tips

May 16

Lauren Manning, Guest Blogger for the BodyMind Institute

Now, you’ve probably guessed that I’m pro–juicing! My conviction is not based only on theory however – I’ve experienced the benefits personally, and have seen on countless occasions how so many others have benefited too – I’ve been facilitating detox retreats for 13 years now and expect to continue sharing this amazing secret for a good many more years to come… In a nut-shell, juicing is a quick and powerful means to being vibrant, energetic and truly healthy – on every level!! One reason for this is that the juice is raw – it’s still in its original and natural state (well, almost… – the fibre has been removed). When food is cooked or heated, valuable micro-nutrients are damaged or destroyed, and so some of the goodness and health benefits are lost. Of course, this means it is also important to buy (or grow!) organic fruit and veg, otherwise it’s not as nature bestows it, but is possibly full of pesticides and preservatives.

Another reason why juicing is so powerful is that it can help ensure we get our daily quota of fruit and veg. We all know that we should consume 6-8 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, but this sometimes feels close to impossible – we just don’t seem to eat often enough to warrant this! Juicing is an easy way to achieve this – it may seems like hard work to eat six whole, raw carrots, but there’s easily six carrots in a carrot juice.

A little on fruit juice – some people are not huge fans of fruit juice because of the high levels of fructose (natural sugars). In my opinion, some fruit juice is good for us – it’s natural and we do need some sugar for energy… and some sweetness in life… Juicing fruit does mean that these sugars are more concentrated however (no fibre to soak up the sugar), and so fruit in juices shouldn’t be excessive. Anyone with high blood pressure or diabetes however, should limit the amount of fruit juice until these conditions are established. An exception to this ‘rule’ on fruit juices are lemons and limes. Although lemons and limes are fruit, they have virtually none of the offending sugar / fructose that causes complications. In fact lemons and limes are an amazing addition to juices – they are alkalizing and great at at eliminating the bitter taste of any dark green leafy vegetables (and it’s these green leafy vegetables that provide so many of the benefits of juicing).

By removing the fibre from the fruits and vegetables, we make it even easier for the body to absorb all the nutrients. In a way, juicing is a way to pre-digest the fruits and veg, much like chewing, but even more effectively. So the body receives most of the nutrition, rather than having some of it being lost to the digestive process. Furthermore, with juicing, you can juice a wide variety of fruit and vegetables that you may not normally get through simply eating. Variety is good as it reduces the chances of developing sensitivities or allergies to certain fruits and vegetables due to eating them too often. Happy Juicing!!!


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