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Whole Person, Whole World

By Dr. Keith Beasley | Spirituality

Mar 03

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Do you feel part of the world around you? Do you feel that you are a human being like everybody else? Or do you feel isolated, separate? There are certainly times when I feel very much on my own, that no-one understands me. 

But then, eventually, it will dawn on me that I’m probably just as guilty of not understanding . . . and that I could, actually, make a bit more of an effort to understand those I’m angry at!

The thing is, it’s our minds that separate us from others . . . it’s our minds, our beliefs, conditioned attitudes and the like, that create a barrier between our inner world – how we perceive reality and the reality itself . . .the outer world.

I’ve certainly found that the more of an effort I make to see others from their perspective, the less isolated I feel, and the more whole. And, the more whole I feel, the more I can see the world at large as whole, as an interconnected web-of-life, of which I am part.

It’s easy for me to say all this and for you to take it in intellectually – but that’s a long way from knowing it – from feeling it true within us. For that, we need an experience. Here’s one you might like to try. Read it through once or twice first to get the idea, then sit or lie comfortable and close your eyes:

Draw (in your mind) a spiral around yourself, wrapped around your whole body. Imagine it reaching up into the heavens and down into the heart of the earth. Feel in revolving in one direction, drawing you up, then in the other direction, taking you down. Then revolving in both directions at once, connecting you to the physical realm of our planet and to the spiritual realm of energy.

Now visualize the spiral expanding, getting bigger and bigger until it has become the Milky Way. Let it get smaller again, taking in all other spiral forms around us. Then let it get smaller still, as a coil up and down our spine.

Then smaller still becoming a strand of DNA in our body, becoming each and every strand of DNA is us . . . and in all living things. Feel the spiral expand and contract yet still remaining this universal symbol. Without beginning, without end. Reminding us that we are one with creation itself.

As with any meditation, take your time over it, don’t rush to finish and, even when you have, give yourself more time to reflect and assimilate the experience. The process of becoming whole is not like learning your times tables: practice is not about repetition until something becomes a habit: it’s about allowing each practice to open us up to a brighter and more positive connection to our true self . . . and to everybody else’s!

Dr. Keith Beasley, BodyMind Institute Instructor, brings healing into the lives of people who have asked the question, “What Do I Really Know?”, and activates one’s potential of deep inner-personal knowing.

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About the Author

~ PhD CEng FIQA FHEA PGCertHE Reiki Master Dr. Keith Beasley, PhD has a rare background that makes him uniquely placed as a Faculty Member with the BodyMind Institute. Following 17 years as a Quality and Reliability expert working on state-of the art electronics, he retrained as a Reiki Master/Teacher, eventually running retreats in the mountains of the Algarve in Portugal. More recently he has completed his PhD from Bangor University in North Wales (UK) on ‘Transcending Thought’. These studies confirmed what his engineering and holistic health phases had indicated: that there is far more to ‘knowing’ than we can get from conventional learning.


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