3 Tips That Help Entrepreneurs Thrive

3 Tips That Help Entrepreneurs Thrive

By Elaine Starling | Business

Aug 17

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Entrepreneurs, here are three top tips to help you get more done faster:

Face it. You’re SLAMMED! Running your business and trying to work ON your business in your “spare” time… Yeah. Right.

Hey, I feel your pain. As a fellow solopreneur, I understand just how challenging it is to find the time, tools and tactics to get the right things done.

A recent article providing “tips” for entrepreneurs really galled me. You can read it here if you want to, but I decided to balance the scale with the top tips I learned over 25 years of running my small business:

Tip 1: The ultimate outcome your ideal client experiences when they work with you is the focus of every communication.

This is the Core Benefit that they pay for. Here’s a simple formula that transforms your communication. Use this structure for EVERYTHING and you’ll see an immediate light bulb go off when you speak.


Here’s the phrase I use: I help (entrepreneurs and small business owners) (clearly differentiate their businesses,) even if (they are in a heavily competitive industry.)

It will take a bit of practice, but take the time to come up with 5-10 variations. Test them with friends and clients to pick the one that gets the best response.

Tip 2: Delegate!

Yes, you’re a small business. You might not have any employees. Freelancers are a great way to go.

Break each project you’re working on into a list of the steps involved. Let’s pretend that you want to promote an event that you’re going to do in two months. Here are some of the tasks you’ll need to accomplish before you can start the promotion:

  • Write the topic copy and benefits to explain why someone might want to attend your live event or webinar.
  • Identify compelling images for your promotion pieces: emails, online ads, offline ads, web site banners, physical signage.
  • Create all the promotion pieces listed above.
  • Secure email lists to supplement your own list.
  • Identify potential affiliate partners who would be willing to promote your event in exchange for compensation.

All of these tasks can be given to a freelancer to do 90% of the heavy lifting. You need to provide very clear instructions regarding your needs and priorities, which will help you organize your thoughts so you have a more powerful event. You’ll get to edit and refine whatever is provided, which is always much easier than starting from scratch.

Jump start your success by outsourcing tasks to others and documenting everything you do. Not only will you get more done, you’ll also be more effective!

Tip 3: Track your “wins.”

There’s far more going well each day than the stuff that’s not working yet. Unfortunately, business owners are compelled to focus on all the things that aren’t working quite right yet.

Take at least 10 minutes every day to write down what went well. Note your intentions for the day and what happened. You’ll discover things like:

  • What are time wasters versus time savers.
  • Tools that work well for you versus tools you should hire someone else to use for you.
  • Your growth towards your goals.

Business isn’t supposed to be easy – it’s supposed to be INTERESTING! All those challenges that come up every day are opportunities for you to use your skills and gifts to flex and grow, adapting to whatever happens while noticing the blessings embedded within.

You are stronger than you know.

You are urgently needed by your ideal clients.

You have everything you need right now to take the next step. Pick a tip and get going!

Article by Elaine Starling, Faculty Member here at the BodyMind Institute
Website: www.why5percentsucceed.com

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About the Author

Elaine Starling is the author of “Why 5% Succeed: The 5 Principles of Predictable Profit” and the host of the “Why 5% Succeed” show and podcast. Elaine is an acknowledged thought leader and marketing master, generating over $100 million for her clients by creating innovative programs that increase participation, process improvement, positioning and profit. Elaine serves on the Board of Directors for Women Impacting Public Policy, a bi-partisan organization representing 70 professional women’s organizations and over 8.3 million women business owners. Elaine also serves on the Advisory Board for Enterprising Women, an organization supporting women entrepreneurs around the world.


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