Communication Etiquette – Are You There Yet?

Communication Etiquette – Are You There Yet?

By Elaine Starling | Videos

Aug 17

Communication etiquette keeps changing along with our technology. The old school method of actually talking to others around a dining table seems to have gone out of style!

Social media is really changing how we engage with others. This post from Relativity News shares some classic Facebook blunders. But I want to know how you apply communication etiquette to Snapchat and Facebook Live. With 15 second videos, how much can you say?

Here’s a sample with my recommendation of what to say in what order…

OK, so it took me 29 seconds! I’m learning how to master this skill! What tips do you have for sharing SHORT, INFORMATIVE posts, tweets and videos?

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By Elaine Starling, Faculty Member here at the BodyMind Institute


About the Author

Elaine Starling is the author of “Why 5% Succeed: The 5 Principles of Predictable Profit” and the host of the “Why 5% Succeed” show and podcast. Elaine is an acknowledged thought leader and marketing master, generating over $100 million for her clients by creating innovative programs that increase participation, process improvement, positioning and profit. Elaine serves on the Board of Directors for Women Impacting Public Policy, a bi-partisan organization representing 70 professional women’s organizations and over 8.3 million women business owners. Elaine also serves on the Advisory Board for Enterprising Women, an organization supporting women entrepreneurs around the world.


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