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Another Way to Evaluate Your Health

By Robyn Holder | Physiology

Apr 10

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It’s hard not to live and die(t) by the scale. As a professional, I know better, but will admit to falling into the trap of living by the numbers on the scale. However, I’ve learned just how defeating those numbers can be when used as the sole basis for my state of health.

When we use numbers to evaluate our health and vitality, we can mislead ourselves, and our health practitioners can mislead us into thinking we need medication or some type of medical intervention, based solely on these numbers. Science studies are beginning to show us this can be wrong.

Back to the scale . . . we fall into thinking numbers rule. Many professionals tell us that using numbers as the sole measure of our health can prevent us from reaching our healthy eating goals. For instance, using the U.S. government’s Body Mass Index (BMI) as a measure of health is SO misleading!

I have a friend from my gym, Tony. Tony is physically fit – a “specimen” as a good-looking male, who works out almost every day and eats very healthfully. Because of his physical fitness, Tony has a lot of muscle, so he ranks higher on the BMI scale. His physician, during a recent physical, weighed him and gave him an inch-thick booklet on how to lose weight to achieve a proper BMI number!

This is outrageous. The BMI merely uses numbers to determine health, not allowing for muscle mass or body size. Did you know using only the BMI would make Brad Pitt and George Clooney obese? What?!

You can begin to learn to evaluate your own state of health by determining how you feel. Ask yourself some questions. Are your clothes fitting better? Do you have more energy? Are you sleeping better? Do you seem to have a better outlook on things?

You’ll know you’ve achieved better health when you feel good, feel you look good, and like what you are doing to help your body and your self achieve optimal health!

To Your Vitality!

Article by Dr. Robyn Holder, Guest Blogger for the BodyMind Institute

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Robyn Holder, ND, is the owner of Full Circle Vitality Group, a holistic nutrition company. Dr. Holder assists individuals who want to learn to heal their bodies with proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, and management. Full Circle Vitality Group provides corporate wellness presentations for wellness groups, board meetings, company retreats and Lunch & Learn programs. Dr. Holder occasionally teaches health science courses at the college level, where she finds students to be lively, energizing, and ready to take on the world! Website link: