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Feb 27

BodyMind Performance Webinar With
Dr. Anna Esparham

Integrative Medical Doctor Reveals The Wholistic Keys To Healthy Living!

Dr. Anna Esparham Anna Esparham, MD is a board-certified pediatrician, integrative medicine physician and acupuncturist at KU Integrative Medicine. Dr. Esparham is a leader in the field in integrative pediatric medicine. In her practice she receives patients who are always in need of guidance that goes beyond a single approach model. As a passionate educator, she uses all of the models of ancient to modern medicine and nutrition to guide her patients to simple steps that lead to a wholistic living approach. In this webinar Dr. Esparham takes us down the most important tracks which will open up a new vision for taking action in your own life, and in the lives you are taking care of (as parents), and guiding (as trainers, coaches and wellness care professionals).

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