BodyMind Performance Webinar with Jeff Agostinelli on Easing Into Change With Grace - BodyMind Institute
Apr 21

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Creating change in any area of your life can often seem like a daunting task. With all the different approaches, techniques, and modalities, how do you know what's right for you. Jeff Agostinelli is a life strategist with 10 plus years experience working with people to help them take control of their life, business, and health.

Through the years, Jeff has cultivated a unique approach that focuses on the strengths of each individual to create a unique path to change honoring each of our own gifts and skills. In this conversation, we talk about some of the stumbling blocks people fall on when trying to create change, the importance of having a clear direction and vision, and some new practices you can use right away to start clarifying what you really want in life. 


"In my incredible conversations with Jeff I've been able to see the much larger picture and value to the skills I have gained throughout these years building and running the BodyMind Institute.  I now am launching an entirely new business based on the inception of magnificent ideas in my conversations with Jeff.  You will experience a whole new of living life to the fullest with your guidance sessions with Jeff.  I highly recommend that anyone who wants to shift and let go of a plateau in life to connect with Jeff!"
~ Lars Gustafsson, Founder, BodyMind Institute

Is change really possible? Sometimes it seems like things will never get better, I know. But what if you could just make small changes, just a little each day to start moving in the direction of your dreams, wants, wishes, and desires?

Jeff Agostinelli presents a simple approach to seeing what is what is working and what isn't working in your life, and how to go about changing it. After 10 plus years of working with people in all walks of life, from health, to business, relationships, and so much more, Jeff has cultivated a unique style of coaching to help you understand your strengths and unique gift, and how to use them to create change in your life.

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