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Aug 17

Nina Warda – How to Make Delicious Chard Kale Salad (Video)

By BodyMind Institute | Nutrition , Nutrition Tips , Recipes

12yr old Nina Warda shows us how easy and fun it is to make raw Chard Kale Salad! As a graduate of the Raw Chef Certification by Elaina Love and the David Wolfe Nutrition Certification, she and her brother Alex (14) are launching a website to motivate, teach and inspire other kids and families to shift their nutrition into a healthy and vibrant lifestyle at

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May 16

The Power of Juicing

By Lauren Manning | Nutrition Tips

Another reason why juicing is so powerful is that it can help ensure we get our daily quota of fruit and veg. We all know that we should consume 6-8 servings of fruit and vegetables per day, but this sometimes feels close to impossible – we just don’t seem to eat often enough to warrant this! Juicing is an easy way to achieve this – it may seems like hard work to eat six whole, raw carrots, but there’s easily six carrots in a carrot juice.

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Feb 28

Eat Local, Eat Seasonal, Eat Less!

By Elaina Love | Nutrition Tips

When you eat foods that are growing right now and that are local, it helps your body to adjust to the climate you are living in. If you live in the desert (as I do) then nopal cactus, prickly pears, wild greens (otherwise referred to as weeds) can be some of the best foods on the planet when it comes to comforting, healing and nourishing your body. Did you know that mesquite (you’ve probably experienced it as a super food powder that you put in smoothies) is a pod that grows all over Tucson and Phoenix AZ (among other warm/hot places such as Costa Rica) and helps cool the body down? That’s why it’s important to eat them when they are in season (in the summer vs. winter).

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