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Mar 25

Healthy Apple Crumble dessert recipe

By Elaina Love | Nutrition , Recipes

What do you say about low glycemic yet decadent desserts? Impossible? I’d say very POSSIBLE! This was the theme for the raw food class at Whole Foods here in Tucson a few days ago and we had an amazing time! 32 people, 4 desserts, and 3 lovely ladies who helped me organize and run the class – Laura Kruszewski from Whole Foods, Rosemarie Alfaro, and Sarah Hart.

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Mar 21

Buckwheat Banana Smoothie

By Elizabeth Plant | Nutrition , Recipes

This morning I made a delicious buckwheat smoothie for my daughter and me. Buckwheat is not a wheat or even a grain but a seed relative of the rhubarb family – it is therefore gluten free. It contains fat and protein so makes a great breakfast meal to get an energetic start to the day. In Chinese medicine it is viewed as a Yang food, i.e., it helps you to warm up. Here’s the recipe:

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Aug 30

Best Beet Hummus Recipe

By Elaina Love | Nutrition , Recipes

Eating is such a passion and a pleasure…especially for us foodies. It’s not just about swallowing something down because it’s good for me. I choose to experience my food with all my senses. If I don’t really enjoy my food, the way it smells, looks and feels in my mouth, then I feel something in life is missing, and I don’t feel as passionate about anything.

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