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Jul 26

How to Complete Your Past and move on?

By Dr. Joe Rubino | Emotional Vitality , Spirituality

Does the following scenario remind you of anyone?
Sue was totally in love with Jim. The couple met in high school and dated for
eight years. Everyone who knew them expected them to get married and live happily ever
after together. Then Jim met Karen. Before anyone knew what was happening – including
Sue – Jim had eloped with Karen, putting an end to all of Sue's dreams and expectations.
Sue was devastated. All she could think about was Jim and how she had been cheated out
of a happy and secure lifetime with him.

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Nov 27

Innocence Lost, Wisdom Gained

By Dr. Keith Beasley | Emotional Vitality

Last night I watched the recent excellent BBC production of Laurie Lee’s Cider with Rosie. Not only a brilliant film, but thought provoking. The innocence of an English upbringing between the wars. What a contrast to today: youngsters starting school aged 4 to 5 these days are more worldly-wise, more aware of many facets of human life (good and bad) than I was after I’d finished college at 21!

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