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The “Pebble” Series Part 1: Which Pebbles Are in Your Bucket?

By Lars Gustafsson | Emotional Vitality

Feb 27

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As Jeff Sutton – my close friend and health mentor – said these words in our last bio-feedback consulting session, I was instantly struck with the profound nature of his comment.

In this analogy, water represents health, abundance and a life filled with joy and vitality. The pebbles represent all the levels of stresses we take on in our bodies, minds, consciousness and hearts whether consciously or unconsciously. The inner emotional aspects to pebbles in the bucket are the most profound limitations in our lives… keeping us from expressing our highest and greatest selves.

Over the course of our lives, there are many, many things that stress us out which are taken for granted. Many are brought about by the influence of a paranoid society, TV, ridiculous inundation of negative news, loving and often well meaning adults, parents and leaders and many other subtle forms of habits, environmental, work and life dynamics, and beliefs we absorb and make our own.

As children, we are inundated with a plethora of fears that ‘hold’ us within a pattern of living to supposedly keep us ‘safe’. In my discussion with Jeff, I recalled how as a child growing up in a village in India, I was constantly allowed the freedom to ‘disappear’ for the day with my tribal friends.

We explored areas of the jungle, rivers, streams, fields, roads, and paths laden with dangers the average Canadian parent would “freak out” at! There were extremely venomous snakes, dangerous bugs and deadly spiders lurking under every rock and bush that we came across. I am certain that in our modern times, the leash we have on our children would make my childhood seem like a very, very ‘wild’ time.

Jeff was reminiscing about his childhood, and how the leash his parents had on him was virtually non existent. He was commenting how the society we live in imposes a reality that forces him to keep a fairly tight leash on his children, simply by virtue of all the ‘dangers’ imposed on us by our ‘modern’ times.

He talked about how, as a child, he would walk a mile to and from school four times every day, roaming through bushes and forest, and spending the entire day outdoors… far from the ‘safety’ of adult or parental supervision. He said that he has met many people who have known and unknown phobias from all their restrictions and constrictions that literally confine their life experience into a very, very tiny existence!

He and I both recognized that our jobs as health guides are occupied mostly with helping people find and remove these pebbles from their lives … so that for once they can “see” beyond their own limitations and allow more health, abundance and joy into their lives.

We both came to the agreement that because of the freedom our childhood lifestyles provided, our ability to identify and honestly look at all the ‘pebbles’ in our bucket is much, much easier than many who grew up with a tighter leash. We also recognized that what you may be doing in one area to experience freedom may be adding more pebbles to your bucket in another area.

This is especially true in the area of health and nutrition. Many people we have met, over exercise, take way too many supplements, and lead lives of incredible restriction in the futile effort to be as healthy as possible … when in fact all of these things and the beliefs around them may actually be the very stressors that will eventually catch up with them.

Perhaps you’ve heard or read of people who literally ‘drop dead’ from a heart attack in the midst of the plethora of ‘healthy’ things they were doing? We have!

This isn’t about dropping all of the healthy things in your life, there are actually many other layers to this that you may not be aware of. There may be hidden pebbles in your bucket that are ‘edging out’ the ‘good’ you are trying to do … and some of these ‘good’ things may be adding pebbles!

How honest are you willing to be right now with yourself?

How important are your goals of living in an expanded reality?

How many pebbles are in your bucket?

Give yourself a moment and take out a pen and paper. Jot down as many ‘rules’, nutritional and life habits, beliefs, situations, relationships, financial, self imposed expectations, expectations from others, work and life dynamics, environmental and spiritual beliefs that cause you to feel any sensation of discomfort, dis-ease, pain, fear, guilt, anger, resentment and ANY sensation that you are being ‘boxed or fenced’ in.

Here’s a short list to get you started…

“I find myself feeling guilty about eating or drinking _____________.”
“I can’t stand _____________________ at work, home or the gym.”
“I wish my boss would recognize what I do and my value.”
“I worry for my kids and the things they are doing, thinking, etc.”
“I worry about the economy, political situations in the world, and uncertainty.”

…. Ok, you get the idea … now it’s up to you to write as many things down as you can think of … and keep this list going … it’s your key to freedom.

You may instantly recognize that you can ‘toss’ some or all of these away … and as you do you will literally FEEL the relief and “openness” wash through you. This sensation is literally opening up your genetic potential, allowing your body to absorb more nutrition, and enabling it to heal, repair and Detox.

When we knowingly or unknowingly ‘agree’ to hold on to too many habits and beliefs we begin to add way too many pebbles to our buckets. Every one of these things you have listed is keeping your bucket filled up, and no matter how much you exercise, how perfectly you eat, or how immaculate your life may look and feel on the surface … your bucket may be full!

No matter how hard you try, strain, or how much pain you attempt to endure … you really are not emptying out the fundamental stressors that are always keeping you from truly experiencing the full expression of your genetic, emotional and human potential. You MAY be loading in more!

In the next parts of this series I will begin to provide the specific processes and steps to identify and remove these pebbles in your life. Some are bigger than others, in fact they may seem at this moment to feel like huge rocks, but you will find that we can get them taken out and solved with new nutritional, mental, physical and spiritual habits.

You will learn how to use just a few very simple habits to not only find and remove ALL the pebbles in your life, but prevent them from ever being put back.

For now — contemplate the list you have made. Take time to look at each item and ask yourself how you can switch that situation, habit, belief or dynamic around and release it… or the limiting emotion around it. Often it’s simply a perception shift, a new way of looking at things from a broader perspective that will help you easily and effortlessly take out each pebble one by one and toss it.

I’ll close for now, wishing you the ultimate life, free of all the pebbles in your bucket!

In health and inspiration,

Lars Gustafsson

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