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Debey Hancock

Debey Hancock

~ Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Functional Nutritionist, and Public Speaker

Debey Hancock is passionate about educating others on the principles that the body can heal itself if given the right tools. And everytime you eat or drink you are either feeding disease or fighting it. In today’s society, people are overloaded with pills that frankly, just aren’t working. Empathy for the sick and a desire in her heart to correct this grave problem is what drove her to The Body Mind Institute in 2014. Currently, she has successfully launched two thriving businesses of service and products that go hand in hand: Wellness 360 Nutritional Healing Center, where she uses a form of muscle testing to determine the body’s nutritional response and then locate and solve imbalances throughout their system and Lil Duck Kombucha, which is a booming company selling kombucha, a delicious probiotic drink that boosts the immune system, cleanses the body, and even helps generate healthy cell growth.

Did you know that every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it? Did you also know that what feeds the body feeds the mind, feeds the soul? Debey knows that if you don’t get rid of the invaders of your body that are eating your nutrients, they will take over your body and throw you into an ever downward spiral where they grow and you degenerate. She also understands the importance of our body’s filtration system and that if we aren’t removing the nitrogenous wastes of our body, then our health will decline as toxins build up. She is a functional Nutritionist that focuses on the Microbiome (the gut) and Epigenetics (the science of turning genes on and off to better help your body to heal). At birth, you are given your genome, which is the genetics, but also a shopping list of all of the diseases that your ancestors can potentially pass on to you, which for most is a death sentence. But, with Debey’s help, she can show you how to take back your body, mind and spirit because if your spiritual life (re-spir-ation) is lacking, your physical nutrition will suffer right along with it!

Debey’s empathy stems from her own daughter being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at the young age of 19 and experiencing firsthand the lack of competence that a cancer patient endures at the hands of our Health System. Jessica spent 4 ½ months in the hospital’s ICU, where she experienced septic shock twice, and was sent home after 6 months of chemo and radiation which only caused the cancer to spread like a wildfire ravaging her body. After being told by the hospital that Jessica only had 3 months to live, it was up to Debey alone to help her precious daughter by putting into practice the “good news” that she had learned that the body can indeed heal itself if it is given the right tools. It was at that time that Debey began making Kombucha and Lil Duck was born, named after Jessica, her inspiration.

Kombucha is a sensational fermented tea-based probiotic drink that is brewed by Debey in oak barrels to allow longer fermentation without the vinegar taste, and with more immune support for the gut. It offers these specific benefits: levels blood sugar, balances blood pressure, cleanses the kidney, liver, gallbladder and spleen; it alleviates constipation and diarrhea, prevents headaches and migraines, and helps to heal gout, arthritis and rheumatism. It can even help improve brain function, memory retention and can alleviate ADHD, help with blood flow and heart health as well as helps you fight heart disease, obesity, crohn’s, colitis and fibromyalgia; basically what Kombucha does is help our body’s microbiome to successfully breakdown nutrients our body needs and remove the byproducts we don’t need, preventing them from backing up in our excretion system!!!!

There are many makers of Kombucha, but very few like Lil Duck that currently offers 11 standard flavors and 3 seasonal flavors.As an Herbalist, Debey uses her skills to create a precise blend of healing herbs and spices.. Once you have visited Debey for your Nutritional Response Test, whereby she is made aware of the language your body is speaking and the help for which it is crying out , she can recommend a Kombucha with its own specific healing qualities that can help your body to heal itself. or send you home with some invigoratingly nutritious bone broth that contains collagen and other special ingredients to regenerate your body’s healing powers. Debey’s understanding of Herbology affords her the ability to create her own herbs and ,botanicals that your body needs specifically without all of the added chemicals and preservatives of store bought remedies.

Debey is Certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and continues to have many special talents. Before becoming a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and functional Nutritionist, She was an Interpreter for the Deaf and an American Sign Language Instructor. She also founded The Southern Baked Candle Company. Debey knows real pain herself, as she was a previous sufferer of MS, and debilitating Fibromyalgia ,she began making real life-like wax sculptures that looked and smelled like the foods it replicated ranging from root beer floats, cakes and pies to custom-crafted candles such as an Elvis bust, or a memorial wax doggie bowl with wax dog food and the name of A man's best friend who is now gone but never forgotten for her therapy. Debey’s candles were so successful that they were featured in swag bags for the top nominees in the 5 main categories of the Academy Awards.

She continues to travel around the US giving health talks, workshops and seminars called “HealThy Self” plant-based nutrition and share her secrets how to make the best Kombucha. Her teaching, support and healthy concoctions have helped so many to regain their health and face the new day without pain and disease!

Debeys’ wish is for all people to learn to live life as a whole body,mind, and soul. Her goal is to educate others in the truth that the body can heal itself, So that they can make well informed decisions on the issues that effect them and their health.


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