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Our Bodies Are Our Temple.

Mary Schuft

Mary Schuft

~ BodyMind Performance Certified Coach, David Wolfe Nutrition Certification, BodyMind Sports Nutritionist, Craniosacral/Myofasical Therapy levels 1,2 and 3, Spring Forest Qigong with Master Lin levels 1, 2 and 3

Thank you for stopping by, i’m Mary!

Let me tell you a little about myself and how I got into nutrition, energy work and fitness. Lets start at the beginning. Growing up I was alway sick, ear infections, sinus issues, you name it. My mom says I was always on antibiotics but they never helped. When I was 8 I had my adenoids removed, that didn’t help either, after all this I was tested for food allergies. Ding ding ding! I'm allergic to dairy! Im still annoyed to this day that they didn’t test for food allergies before all the antibiotic and surgery. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of non-dairy options back then like there are today. I remember writing letters to grocery stories asking them to find me dairy free options. After finding this out my mom starting taking me to a chiropractor instead on a medical doctor. I remembering being fascinated by all the Chinese herbs. I was on pellets and herbs that tasted so bad but I took them. I guess you could say that this where it all started for me. I was drawn to herbs at a young age, I never thought I would study them and live off them one day!

Video by Jonn Robinet

A little about my diet growing up. I grew up eating like most kids in the 80’s. Cereal and pop tarts for breakfast, public school lunch, fast-food, pop, juice, ice cream, candy…. All of it. Oddly I was never overweight but I ate so bad. I could blame it on growing up in a small town or maybe my parents just didn’t know any different. This life style continued into my 20’s but smoking and drinking added into the mix. Yuck.

The good stuff, where it all took a turn. I had graduated from cosmetology school, I was working at a high end salon and spa for 3 years, having fun, still eating bad, drinking way to much and I find out I'm pregnant. My aunt and my cousin found out from my mom and instantly took over. I thank them and my mom for making a stressful situation the best thing that ever happened to me. My aunt and my cousin are massage therapist and energy workers. I had weekly appointments with them throughout my pregnancy to clear, balance, restore my bodying, and try to make a bad environment for a baby to grow in a good one. They taught me how to clear my energy, protect us energetically, muscle test and so much more. They are also very educated on natural childbirth, the dangers of ultrasounds and everything medical. I was that crazy person that doctors hate. I went in with lists, long lists, I wouldn’t let them touch me or my baby with anything. I refused all the tests they wanted me to do, all vaccines ( they wanted me to get booster vaccines to protect the baby, no thank you), I didn’t even let them listen to the heart beat. For some reason I had a gut feeling to do the 21 week ultrasound. I was called back a few days later, I went in and they told me something wasn’t right with my baby’s brain, they saw signs of downs syndrome and wanted to do more ultrasounds and testing. I told them absolutely not, if she had something wrong then I didn’t want to have any more radiation on her. My family sent me to a local natural path to see if she could test to see what was going on. It wasn’t good, my unborn daughter was in rough shape. I was put on high doses of multiple different supplements. At the time I had no idea what they were I just trusted her and took everything and kept going back to get checked every couple weeks. She also had me change my diet, I started eating organic food and avoiding dairy and gluten.

Shorty after finding this out my mom gifts me the level one and two of spring forest qigong with Master Lin and Normandale college. I loved every moment of it. I saw spirit guides and moved energy for the first time and it was so cool! When my daughter was 1 I was able to finished the level 3 class. After finishing the second level of qigong my mom gifted me with level 1 and 2 of craniosacral therapy with Dr.Carol Phillips at St.Catherine university. I learned so much about the body and pregnancy. The best part is that my unborn child was getting energy work done on her by amazing healers and I was learning how to raise a child the best way possible. After months of classes, learning and many visits to my natural path my daughter was born (2 weeks early on her own) perfectly healthy!! My only regret is that I wasn’t able to have a home birth with a midwife that could have given me the birth experience I really wanted.

My family continued to work on my daughter after she was born. This lucky little girl got a massage every week for the first year of her life. We did unwinding, rebirthing, energy work… all of it!! 

I continued to see our natural path, in time ventured on to find a different natural doctor, and body workers for us. I was getting frustrated with paying so much money for all these visits, I had so many questions but felt that “my people’ didn’t want to take the time to answer them. In 2012 I decided I was just going to learn it all myself so that I didn’t have to rely on other people every time something happened. I don’t remember how I found BodyMind Institute but I know it was through a google search, David was talking on a video and I was instantly hooked. I called my dad and asked for a loan to take these courses. He though I was nuts but who can say no to education?!?! There I was, 28 years old, working full-time, raising my daughter 100% by myself (and my parents help) and now taking courses online for nutrition. I loved every min of every class. I made every change suggested (as I could financially). I had made an insane amount of changes since my daughter was born but BMI took it to a whole new level!

I moved from one course to the next with excitement and the desire to learn more and more. I have also attended 3 longevity now confuses and the longevity intensive with David and Ron. My daughter attended 3 of those conferences with me! She is a mini me, she’s 10 yrs old and she knows more about nutrition and how to read her body better than most adults. She a leader, she teaches her friends how to eat, and she stands up for her healthy choices. Kids aren’t taking candy any more at lunch, they are taking my daughters seaweed packs and eating them! 

It isn’t easy being different and raising a child different. I am constantly on top of making sure her teacher and other parents know what she can and can’t eat. I am always prepared for any situation. Our fridge and cupboards always have to be fully stocked in case a field trip pops up or a classmate has a birthday party and I need to send an alternative treat for her. I don’t give into pure pressure, I take full responsibly for my daughters health and Ill do anything necessary to make sure my choices are respected. I am proud to say that my daughter has never had tylenol, or any drugs in her body, she has had one, yes one ear infection in her life and the flu once. Both were over come quickly with herbs, essential oils, sleep and chiropractic care. Our bodies are our temple, we need to take care of them, give it what it needs to be strong and healthy and we will have to ability to live a healthy full life.

How fitness ties into all of this… when I was in fifth grade I begged my mom to let me take skating lessons. I didn’t like sports and I was over taking dance, I wasn’t good at it. Skating was my Jam. I spent hours on the ice outside of lessons, perfecting all the spins, jumps and footwork. When I was a junior in high school I joined the ice dancing team which involved competitions on the weekends and performing before all the hockey games. We were actually good! I brought home a lot of medals! After high school I stopped skating, I tried to find something else to do but couldn’t. I tried running but hated it. When my daughter was 2 !/2 we moved out of my moms house, into our own place an hour away, there happened to be a gym right across the street. I joined shortly after and began “working out” I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I went to a few of the classes they offered, they were okay, and then I found yoga. I loved yoga, I would sometimes even take two classes a day! I was heavy into yoga for about 3 years. I would still try to use the weights but I still had no idea what I was doing. 

One day a trainer approached me and asked if I wanted to join the Alpha class. I had no idea what that was, he asked me a few times, i said no, I eventually gave in and tried it (only because he was attractive). I had never in my life used a barbell, I didn’t know anyone in the class, and I was completely out of my comfort zone. I remember my first class, back squats, I couldn’t event squat the bar! I tried it for a week, hated it and told him I was going back to yoga. A couple weeks later I somehow ended up back in his class. I spent a year and half training with him, and he taught me everything I know about olympic lifting. After a year and a half with him I ended up switching clubs, joining a new class with a new trainer. That is when everything got real spicy! This trainer was intense, he kicked our butts, I was starting to see results and getting stronger and stronger. In 2016 he made me do my first “alpha showdown," and I’ve been competing since!

Incorporating everything that Ive learned at BMI and in the mastermind calls has taken my fitness to a whole new level. I am always testing out how supplements, foods, meal timing, superfoods and super-herb’s and stress impact my body and my strength. I am far from competing at a professional or even intermediate level but I can kick some butt and I continue to get stronger everyday.

I will never stop learning, growing and applying what I learn in my and my daughters lives. My passion for nutrition and fitness runs deeps, I can feel the truth in my soul, Ive done this work in other lifetimes. It just feels right, it feels known, it feels easy.

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