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End of Day Exercise

By Robyn Holder | Spirituality

Feb 06

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There is a great exercise you can walk through each evening, using only your mind! This method can help you shut down your thinking while preparing for sleep. For those of us who oftentimes review our day over and over as we try to sleep – give this a shot – it might help you sleep much better!

As you get ready for bed, every evening, review the events of your day for just fifteen minutes (you can take longer if you have time, and if you want to do so). Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What surprised me today? 
  2. What moved me or touched me today?
  3. What inspired me today?

Consider keeping a journal for these thoughts, but it isn’t necessary. You can easily review them in your mind. However, if you find you are still having trouble turning your mind off, I strongly recommend keeping a journal of these thoughts.

While this exercise isn’t physical in the sense of working your body, it will have positive effects! It helps to relieve daily stress by allowing you to take time out to think about what was important in your day . . . and what might be able to take a back seat in your thoughts. There is a strong mind-body connection that can’t be dismissed.

Try it tonight!

Keep Your Vitality!

Article by Dr. Robyn Holder, Guest Blogger for the BodyMind Institute

About the Author

Robyn Holder, ND, is the owner of Full Circle Vitality Group, a holistic nutrition company. Dr. Holder assists individuals who want to learn to heal their bodies with proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, and management. Full Circle Vitality Group provides corporate wellness presentations for wellness groups, board meetings, company retreats and Lunch & Learn programs. Dr. Holder occasionally teaches health science courses at the college level, where she finds students to be lively, energizing, and ready to take on the world! Website link: www.fullcirclevitalitygroup.com


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