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Energy Boosting Snacks

By Robyn Holder | Nutrition

Dec 14

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Before you head for the nearest vending machine for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, think about what you’ll be eating. The items found in the usual vending fare – candy, cookies and soda – contain simple sugars, which will give you a quick boost, only to let you down in a big way later. 

For long-lasting energy for rest of your afternoon, choose a snack with a little protein. Try some of these:

  • Fruit. Most fruits are portable and a great afternoon snack. Berries are especially good, but may need refrigeration. Add a tablespoon of peanut butter or an ounce of cheese, and you have a nutritious snack providing a great energy boost!
  • Yogurt. Not the sweetened kind – try plain yogurt, and add your own fruit or nuts. Use a little stevia if you need sweetness.
  • Hard boiled eggs. Make a half-dozen and peel them. Put one or two in a plastic bag, and you have an instant healthy snack.
  • Hummus or tuna fish. Try mixing it with yogurt and your favorite spices for some zest! Add whole grain crackers if you need some crunch. 
  • Dark chocolate. Not the sugar-laden milk chocolate you might be thinking of, but rich, dark chocolate. You’ll get the benefits of a memory boost and lower cardiovascular risks. And eat just one or two ounces, and really s-a-v-o-r it.
  • Almonds or other nuts. Watch your portions – a “handful” is sufficient, and enjoy high-quality fats at the same time!
  • Water. If you aren’t well-hydrated, your body will use its energy to maintain water balance, leaving you tired. Drink water all afternoon to keep yourself revved up!
  • Green tea. Get an antioxidant boost with your afternoon energy!

Consider bringing some of these goodies from home. With just a little planning, you can enjoy a nutritious snack that will keep you going, and won’t sabotage your healthy habits!

To Your Vitality!

Article by Dr. Robyn Holder, Guest Blogger for the BodyMind Institute

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Robyn Holder, ND, is the owner of Full Circle Vitality Group, a holistic nutrition company. Dr. Holder assists individuals who want to learn to heal their bodies with proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, and management. Full Circle Vitality Group provides corporate wellness presentations for wellness groups, board meetings, company retreats and Lunch & Learn programs. Dr. Holder occasionally teaches health science courses at the college level, where she finds students to be lively, energizing, and ready to take on the world! Website link:


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