NANP Board Nutrition Certification Details with Nicole Hodson Executive Director - BodyMind Institute

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Nicole Hodson

By Lars Gustafsson | Videos

Aug 29

Do you want to take your health career to the next level? 

In this interview with Lars Gustafsson and Nicole Hodson (Executive Director of NANP), you will discover how the NANP Board Certification will take you into a whole new level of scientific validation and systems in a complete Body, Mind and Spirit holistic career path.

What is the most important key to success in this industry?  The answer in this video may surprise you!

Membership with NANP brings so many benefits to your life and career, including the support and friendships you will develop with others just like you all over the world.  In addition to the importance of the community, comes the sharing of systems, knowledge, science and wisdom gained from other students from all the NANP Institutes.

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