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Nadine Artemis

By Nadine Artemis | Dental Health

Jan 22

By Nadine Armetis, Guest Blogger for the BodyMind Institute

Take a few moments to do these steps morning and night and wake up ready to kiss the day!

Welcome to the Successful Self-Dentistry steps with our new Ozone products. We are happy to offer more options to create the healthiest mouth ever! Each of these products is unique and offers innovative care when used altogether. If you are starting out with just one product, then the potent and versatile Yogi Tooth Serum or Happy Gum Drops are still the classic choice.

Our new Ozonated oral care products are a great addition to your protocol and are integrated in the steps below. Ozone is especially beneficial for lifting your oral ecology to a new balance and to add variety to your daily care. The Ozonated Happy Gum Gel can be applied to the gums and left on as your last step in this effective ritual.

Step One: The Salt Rinse

Make a salt water solution to keep in your bathroom (16oz of spring water to 1oz of salt in a mason jar). Add a drop of Yogi Tooth Serum or Happy Gum Drops. Start with a salt water rinse before brushing. Use a little shot glass, pour in a bit of brine, swish and spit.

Step Two: Scraping the Tongue

Holding the ends of a tongue scraper, gently scape the tongue from back to front 2-3 times. Rinse or shake the scraper off each time.

Step Three: Brushing the Gums

Use a dry (ionic) toothbrush; add one drop of Yogi Tooth Serum or Happy Gum Drops or Ozonated Happy Gum Gel to one tiny drop of Neem Enamelizer Liquid on the brush. Brush gum down towards teeth for two minutes. Use special care over the gum line.

Step Four: Polishing the Teeth

Polish with a dry round-headed electric toothbrush. Use a tiny, half of a pea sized amount of Ozonated Clay Tooth-Truth Paste or Tooth-Truth Powder Polish (you may add a drop of serum or Neem Enamelizer Liquid to this). Simple baking soda also works for this polishing step.

Step Five: Checking the Gum Lines

Check gum lines for any remaining plaque; use a rubber tip gum tool with a drop of either Yogi Tooth Serum or Happy Gum Drops or Ozonated Happy Gum Gel.

Step Six: Flossing

Floss two times! Apply a drop of Yogi Tooth Serum or Happy Gum Drops along the floss.

Step Seven: Final Rinse

Use salt rinse again – vigorous swish and spit.

Step Eight: Extra Care

For receding gums, bleeding gums, or any area that needs extra attention, apply Yogi Tooth Serum or Happy Gum Drops.  Ozonated Happy Gum Gel is great to use throughout the day, and it is also beneficial to apply and leave on your gums as your final step after the mouth is clean.


About the Author

Nadine Artemis is the creator of Living Libations, an exquisite line of serums, elixirs and essential oils for those seeking the purest botanical health and beauty products on the planet. She is a frequent commentator on health and beauty for media outlets, and her products have received rave reviews in The New York Times, The National Post and The Hollywood Reporter. Described by Alanis Morissette as “a true-sense visionary,” Nadine has amassed a stunning collection of rare and special botanical extracts. An innovative aromacologist, Nadine develops immune enhancing formulas and medicinal blends for health and wellness: her potent dental drops are used worldwide and provide the purest oral care available. Drawing on her unique ability to depict scent as living colour, known as the gift of synesthesia, Nadine taps into the purest plant essences to create truly sublime botanical compounds. Her creations, along with her concept of “Renegade Beauty,” encourage effortlessness, eschew regimes, and inspire people to rethink conventional notions of beauty. Nadine’s new paradigm for beauty and her natural approach to health presents a revolutionary vision: it allows the life-force of flowers, dewdrops, plants, sun and water to be the ingredients of healthy living and lets everything unessential, contrived and artificial fall away.


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