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Say Yes to Creating the Life of Your Dreams

By Leanne Wierzbicki | Spirituality

Jan 05

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Here is the secret . . . you already have the answers to everything you are wondering about inside you, you have the ability to heal your Self, only you can change. All you have to do is say YES!

Say yes to the Universe, say yes to receiving, say yes to health, say yes to healing foods, say yes to happiness, say YES, say YES, say YES! Starting to get the picture?

Many of you may already know a thing or two about affirmations, intention setting, and the law of attraction and some of you might know nothing at all. That’s OK! You can have all the knowledge in the world, but until you put that knowledge into practice nothing is going to change.

Affirmations and intention setting are all about searching inside for those things that you are dreaming of and then setting them as an intention, affirming them into being via the law of attraction! The law of attraction is a simple scientific theory that states “like attracts like.” You will often hear me saying in my Yoga classes, “where attention goes, energy flows.”

Know and understand that this is true for all thoughts, words and actions, “good” or “bad.” When you catch your Self in a pattern of thought that is not in alignment with what you want, simply stop in that moment and change the thought to what you do want! I know eh? So simple. But if it were that simple, which it is, then why aren’t more of us living the lives of our dreams?

Fear. Yep, that low vibrating energy that keeps us stuck. Well, here are 7 ways you can step out of fear and lower vibrating energies (and all that stuff you want to change in your life) and step into Love, Joy, and Happiness, the higher vibrating energies where all that you are dreaming of IS!

1. Get Quiet. Find a space where you can tune in, to that inner most Self that has all the answers. Come into your Yoga Breath (deep belly breathing) and watch your breath traveling in and out. Fill up from the bottom of your belly, chamber by chamber, into chest and lungs second and back of the throat last. Empty out in the reverse order, chamber by chamber, throat, chest, belly last. Simply watch this process, as an outsider looking in. What does your breath look like as it enters your body? What does it look like as it leaves?

2. Ask. Once you are in that quiet place, continuing to breath deeply, ask your Self “what do I want?” Ask a few times, silently in your mind. Don’t have any expectations, just keep breathing and watch what comes up for you. Watch what answers your Divine Self already has for you. There might be only one thing, there may be 30. Just let them all come “out” as you watch, paying close attention to sensations or emotions as they arise. Notice the one thing that really jumps out at you.

3. Set an Intention. That one thing that really spoke to you, resonated with you when you asked your Self what you wanted, is the one thing you may first direct your energy towards. In fact, the things that you want in your life are already there in some way, shape or form and all you have to do is align your Self with that energy. You do that by setting the intention as if it already IS. For example, you noticed one of your answers is “I want to be pain free.” Your intention could look like this: “I am healthy, happy, and whole.”

4. Affirm. Once you have set your intention(s), your next step is to affirm them regularly! As many times a day as you can, every day. Write your intentions/affirmations on sticky notes and post them to your bathroom mirror, your fridge, your front door, your dashboard in your car, anywhere you might notice them. Whenever you see them affirm the intention, say it aloud for extra oomph! REPEAT

5. Believe. In the words of Louise Hay regarding affirmations, “fake it ’till you make it.” You may not initially believe that what you are affirming is true, or is possible. BUT, fake it ’till you make it! Don’t let fear and ego stand in your way. Say your affirmations with intent, with meaning, with a SMILE on your face. Do them in front of a mirror while you look into your eyes. Eventually you will begin to believe, and when that happens, the real magic begins.

6. Practice. Establish a regular practice that nourishes your body. This might look like taking a walk in nature, doing an asana (posture) practice, meditating, doing a 40 day mantra Yoga commitment, or doing a 100 day gratitude challenge. But practice, practice, practice. Before long you will be reaping the rewards.

7. Eat Whole Foods. Support your body in its healing journey by eating foods that are in alignment with a high vibration lifestyle; these foods have the power to heal and transform your body from the inside out. Whole foods are simply foods that come from the earth, the way Mother Nature intended. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds that have not been processed, and better yet that have not been heated above 120 degrees, are nature’s medicine. Hippocrates so wisely said long ago, “Let food be thy medicine.”

So there you have it. beautiful spirit. 7 steps you can start taking NOW to create the life of your dreams. Remember, all you have to do is say YES!

So much love to you.  ~ Leanne

Article by Leanne Wierzbicki, Guest Blogger for the BodyMind Institute


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An intuitive Yoga teacher, healer, High Vibration Living Coach, David Wolfe Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, and author, Leanne Wierzbicki and her message of Breathe-Live-Believe is unique in her commitment to Green Yoga, a practice that translates the 5000 year old moral teachings of Yoga into living a sustainable and green lifestyle, one in which we not only learn to purify and transform the body, mind and spirit, but one where we take those teachings off the mat and into the environment. She offers Hatha style and Restorative (therapeutic) private, semi-private and corporate Yoga and healing, Trauma Sensitive Yoga for First Responders, High Vibration Living and Holistic Nutrition Coaching services, Plant Based Whole Foods Classes, Workshops, and Retreats. She is also the author of the forthcoming book “Soul Food: Transitioning to Compassionate Whole Food Choices That Heal Body, Mind and Spirit.” Find her online at