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Daily affirmation for positive thinking

By Robyn Holder | Spirituality

Mar 10

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I frequently talk with my clients about being positive and affirming themselves as they strive to regain and retain their personal vitality. I ask them to perform an Affirmation Exercise, where they look in the mirror and say something good about themselves – out loud and with lots of enthusiasm and vigor! 

Oftentimes I have them write these affirmations down and read them throughout the day, too. When trying to change a lifestyle, there can be bumps along the way, and having the ability to remain positive and feel good about yourself can be the difference between success and a less than healthy behavior.

I’m a big fan of visualizing what we want, or what we strive to achieve. You can easily visualize what you want. Close your eyes and see what you want. Try to feel this thing, and help yourself believe in it. Visualization is a technique that can be positive and affirming, and can really help an individual through stress, problems, or a lower self-esteem level.

Science has proven there is a stronger brain-gut connection than most of us realize or even believe. It’s there, and is an important part of healthy living. Try practicing some of these techniques today, and see (pun intended) if you don’t start to feel positive, healthy and vibrant!

If you’d like some help with regaining your positive vitality, give us a call!

Article by Dr. Robyn Holder, Guest Blogger for the BodyMind Institute

About the Author

Robyn Holder, ND, is the owner of Full Circle Vitality Group, a holistic nutrition company. Dr. Holder assists individuals who want to learn to heal their bodies with proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, and management. Full Circle Vitality Group provides corporate wellness presentations for wellness groups, board meetings, company retreats and Lunch & Learn programs. Dr. Holder occasionally teaches health science courses at the college level, where she finds students to be lively, energizing, and ready to take on the world! Website link: www.fullcirclevitalitygroup.com


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