Dr. Henele

~ Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Founder of Energetic Health Institute

Dr. Henele is a licensed practicing Naturopathic Medical Doctor and the founder of Genesis Health Systems and the Energetic Health Institute, where he has founded and created one of the most advanced board certified nutrition programs available. He is the creative force behind Release Point Therapy® and 28-Day Cellular Cleansing®. Dr. Henela is the owner of Genesis Healing Centers, clinics that focus on fatigue and it’s ensuing ailments, and 2011 marks the release of his first book, “The Greatest Energy Always Prevails Volume 1: Interesting Insights into the Practice of Advanced Natural Medicine.”

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“We are the Energetic Health Institute, an Amazing School for Amazing People…Like You! (www.EnergeticHealthInstitute.com)

Why do students agree we’re so amazing?

Because we get ‘IT’!

We get that your education is about you. We’ll always put your success as a student as our top priority. Your success is our success. Our Certification for Holistic Nutrition has been thoroughly evaluated and approved for board certification by the National Association of Nutrition Professions (NANP).

We offer field-study opportunities near you. After graduation, we’ll help you find employment or get your own business off the ground. We’re committed to your success. We love exceeding expectations. And isn’t that the way it should be?

I look forward to having you join me in the programs here at the BodyMind Institute, and perhaps even deeper into our Board Certified Nutrition program.

Make it an amazing day!”

Dr. Henele

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