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Elaina Love

Elaina Love

~ Professional Chef, Instructor and Detox Counselor at PureJoyAcademy.com, Lifestyle Counselor, Co-owner of Pure Joy Academy and Owner/Director of PureJoyPlanet.com

Elaina Love began teaching raw food courses in 1998. She is a pioneer of low-glycemic and gourmet raw foods. She has created some of the recipes and everyday products which are used by professional raw chefs around the planet.

Elaina has authored 3 popular recipe books, and is known for her “recipes that work!” In 2010, after 12 years of teaching, Elaina co-founded Pure Joy Culinary Academy. Since the academy opened, she has thoughtfully certified hundreds of students around the world. Each of these proud graduates now knows exactly how to be a raw food chef, and can instruct others around then–with an emphasis on Holistic Nutrition!

Public Eye: Elaina has become known worldwide for her extensive raw food demonstrations on YouTube.com and other places on the internet where she teaches you how to make a variety of raw gourmet creations easily. If you do a google search for Elaina Love, you will find many videos, interviews and articles she created. She is the author of 2 recipe books and 3 DVDs, and has many published recipes in a variety of recipe books on the market which have a wide distribution. Her upcoming book is about the importance of Omega 3 oils which include recipes and is co-authored with Victoria Boutenko and Chad Sarno and was in 2012.

Tools: Elaina is the creator of the Amazing Nut Milk Bag (available on Amazon) which is sold and used worldwide as an integral kitchen tool for raw foodies, vegans and anyone wishing to make better food choices.

She is the queen of kitchen gadgets and loves to show the tools she uses to make food prep fun and easy. From veggie noodle making tools to excellent knives and sharpeners, juicers, blenders and more you will love learning all the ways to use these integrative tools.

Teaching background: Elaina has been teaching raw food courses and giving talks worldwide since 1998. She was a Chef/Instructor at the renowned Living Light Culinary Arts Institute where she was on staff from 2000-2010. Elaina has been invited to teach classes all over the world, and has taught courses and provided raw, vegan meals at many events and retreats, including those for David Wolfe, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. of The Tree of Life, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and many more.

Transformation: With a passion for sharing the knowledge she has attained through years of detoxing and cheffing experience, Elaina has helped people throughout the world bring about positive changes in their lives. Her teaching and support empowers people to lose weight and gain energy by making positive lifestyle choices and incorporating more living, raw food into their diet.

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