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Soy, Flax and Menopause

By David Avocado Wolfe | Nutrition

Feb 29

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Q: David mentions in the lesson on protein, that soy is not good, amongst others, because of its phytoestrogen levels. What about flax though? Flax is often used for easing menopause symptoms, because of its phytoestrogens?

Answer: Flax is a complete protein source. However, its high levels of phytoestrogens may or may not be appropriate for easing menopause symptoms. Generally, I recommend maca (superfood powder), pregnenolone (coconut extract), and/or deer antler extract for increasing appropriate hormone levels and easing menopausal symptoms.

Also, experientially I have learned that those with high levels of toxicity (pesticides, chemicals, solvents, petroleum by-products, heavy metals, etc.) will experience more challenging PMS symptoms as well as a more extreme menopause experience. Detoxification protocols can assist one in normalizing extremes of hormonal imbalance.

A brief list of prominent detoxification protocols include using: detox products such as: fulvic acid,

  • MSM (pine- resin), 
  • Adya Clarity (,
  • zeolites,
  • shilajit,
  • EDTA,
  • clay,
  • Patrick Flanagan’s Crystal Energy;
  • herbal detox systems:
  • EJUVA,
  • Arise and Shine,
  • Blessed Herbs,
  • Health force; 
  • fasting:
  • juice,
  • water,
  • dry;
  • a thinned-down raw diet (with low fat, low sugar .and high fiber/alkalinity);
  • sauna (hot/cold water therapy);
  • variations of panchromatic;
  • a lymphatically-activating exercise program;
  • enemas and colonics;
  • deep-tissue body work (rolfing, etc.);
  • and grounding and zapper technology.

On a side note, eating defatted flax and/or passion flower powder are recommended for removing excess estrogen from the system.

Article by David Avocado Wolfe
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