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Unlimited Opportunities In The Health Industry (Video)

By Lars Gustafsson | Videos

Mar 23

In this video, BodyMind Institute founder Lars Gustafsson uncovers tips to set yourself up for a career in health and wellness, and discusses in great detail that the time to get into your area of interest is now!

Is the market not saturated already with nutritionists, herbalists, fitness trainers and health coaches? Not by a long shot!

As the wellness industry skyrockets to over billions of dollars each year, more and more people are paying attention to the needs of their bodies, and are seeking practitioners to guide them on their way to optimal health.

This number will just keep increasing. Brand new health clients begin to enjoy success in their results, and these successes naturally make an impression on their circle of influence. In turn, the peers who witness their friends’ results start to become aware of, and interested in, learning more to help themselves. And the cycle continues!

Also as Lars points out, a very fundamental rule in life, the 80-20 rule, is also working in your favor if you have a keen desire to make a career in this field but have reservations of whether there’s still space available for you to make your mark.

Among other examples, the 80-20 rule dictates that in every 100 people to take any given course, typically 20 of them will fully apply themselves, complete the course, and go on to create a career out of it.

This means then, that even if you think there are already too many people diving into your area of passion, a great majority of them will not go on to turn it into a career. There are still so many doors open and available to you!

In fact, because there are increasing numbers of people interested in improving their health, and seeking out new coaches of varied modalities to help them with their goals, the 20% of people who have already set up shop aren’t able to practically serve the expanding clientele base. There is definitely space for you to carve your own path in your area of interest.

If you have the instinct to dive into a new area of study, be confident that there is room for you to make something of yourself in the career of your choosing. The opportunities are absolutely limitless!

The clients are out there, growing in numbers daily. The areas you could take your studies are limited only by your imagination. Your only pause for thought need not be, “Is it going to be worth it for me to even learn about this?”, but rather, “What should I study first?”

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