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Mar 20

Fermentation Part 1: History

By Dr. Terry Willard | Nutrition

Throughout known history, virtually every society ate, drank and enjoyed fermented foods. From this, regional flavors and techniques gradually developed into a large array of enjoyable, low-­‐tech delicacies. This gives a cornucopia to explore of easy to preserve delights that you can make in your own kitchen. When you go out to ethnic restaurants have

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Mar 18

Digesting Raw Foods

By BodyMind Institute | Nutrition

Question: “I often have people telling me (including nutritionists and naturopaths) that raw foods are too difficult to digest and that we should rather eat cooked food. Also, there was recently here in the UK a talk on the radio and an article in the paper about a book that was written about how humans have developed as much as we have, though being the only species that cooks their food and that cooked nutrients are more bio-available than raw nutrients, etc.

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