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Mar 02

How To Enhance Your Tinctures (Video)

By David Avocado Wolfe | Videos

First revealed by David to enhance your tincture is using a supercharged Zeolite formula developed by Dr. Patrick Flannagan, who after studying Hunza water, created Crystal Energy that “consists of billions of spherical nanoparticles of silica that have the highest zeta potential ever measured”, stated by

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Jan 20

Medicine Flower Essences (Video)

By Elaina Love | Videos

What are Medicine Flower Essences and how I use them and why I LOVE them! Pure Joy Instructor, Katelyn Louise just made an medicinal mushrooms elixir with only a few drops of Medicine Flower COFFEE Essence. I swear I was drinking a creamy coffee latte! Check ALL the flavors out on our online store!

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Nov 09

Beet Kvass (Video)

By Malcolm Saunders | Recipes , Videos

Beet Kvass is one of the cornerstones of many traditional diets as well as foundational to certain gut-healing approaches such as the GAPS protocol. Beets are incredibly liver-supportive, so whenever there are issues with digestion or in the intestines, there is often an incidence of a compromised liver and hence beets and especially kvass can be a great addition. Beets are also a blood purifier, they can help with detoxification that will be happening as your digestive and intestinal systems are being supported. Plus, beets and the kvass are also supportive to the kidneys and Urinary system.

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Oct 05

Today Is Intermittent Fasting Day

By Elaina Love | Nutrition , Videos

Today is my intermittent fasting day. I fast 2x per week for 32-36 hours each time (or longer if I’m feeling like it). Sundays and Wednesdays are the best days for me. What have I noticed over the last 6 weeks of doing this? 1. I am getting very lean again, especially around my abs and waistline (yay!). 2. I am not as hungry on my fasting and non-fasting days, so I am eating less overall. 3. I feel happier and more energized all the time.

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Sep 15

Intermittent Fasting (IF) and How It Compares to Other Fasts

By Elaina Love | Videos

I have been practicing a clean, plant based diet since 1997, and Intermittent fasting has been a big part of my healthy lifestyle. The first fast I ever did was my when I did an Arise and Shine Intestinal Cleanse in 1997. Back then I had no idea what I was really doing, I just followed the instructions that came in the box. Needless to say I do not look back on that cleanse with fondness as I went in blind and had no guidance (other than the book). In 1997 there was no google, no place to research these types of things or to get any kind of support online. Because of my first experience without support, it is my intention to help and support others as much as I possibly can, and to make your journey easier as you cleanse and fast your way to a healthier, leaner and more joyful life.

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